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9th of June 2023

Care Connection Webinar: Addressing Behavioral & Psychological Symptoms of Dementia

18th of May 2023

Care Connection Webinar: Empowering Your Loved One Through Dementia-Friendly Home Design

4th of May 2023

Care Connection Webinar: Improving Quality of Life with Music-Based Interventions

14th of April 2023

Care Connection Webinar: What to Know for a Successful Journey Through the Medical Care Maze

6th of March 2023

Care Connection Webinar: Depression in Older Adults with Cognitive Impairments

Dr. Hinrichsen speaks about the difference between everyday depression and chronic depression as well as the challenges of clinically elevated symptoms of depression and anxiety in older adults.

9th of February 2023

Care Connection Webinar: Which Legal Documents Are Needed When Alzheimer’s Touches Your Family?

There may come a time when you or a loved one has Alzheimer’s. Regardless of the stage, it can take a deeply emotional, legal, and financial toll on your family. […]

8th of December 2022

Care Connection Webinar: Functional Psychology for Peak Performance

Dr. Brant Cortright speaks about common factors that lead to cognitive decline as well as dietary, nutritional, and other physical and psychological factors that bring about radiant brain health.

27th of October 2022

Care Connection Webinar: An Ounce of Prevention: What Makes Sense for Me & My Loved Ones

Rosanne M. Leipzig, MD, PhD speaks about what caregivers should be doing for their preventive health and how to prioritize what makes sense for their loved ones.

13th of October 2022

Care Connection Webinar: Supporting Older Adults with Mental Health Challenges and Dementia

This webinar navigates and differentiates the symptoms of mental health challenges and dementia among older adults.

8th of September 2022

Care Connection Webinar: Making the Most of Your Healthcare Provider Visit

Dr. Joyce Fogel provides tips to prepare for and get the most out of every health care visit.