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AFA On Campus

AFA on Campus is a division of the Alzheimer’s Foundation of America (AFA) that caters exclusively to students at colleges and universities across the country in an effort to engage them in awareness-raising activities and to groom tomorrow’s leaders in the Alzheimer’s community. Initially founded as an offshoot of our AFA Teens division, AFA On Campus provides an opportunity for individuals who have been involved in the cause during high school to continue their efforts.

In 2014, AFA kicked off its Raise Your Voice for Care college tour at Frostburg State University, bringing a full day of educational programs and workshops, displays of the AFA Quilt to Remember and live music to campus communities across the country.

Find a Chapter

Currently, AFA on Campus has chapters at the following colleges, universities and high schools. Don’t see your school? Consider starting a chapter on your campus!.

Andover High School (Andover, MA)

Executive Board

  • Advisor: Candice McVeigh
  • President: Aparna Shanmugam
  • VP of Membership: Tabitha Maina
  • VP of Programming: Shea Lomasney

Auburn University

Executive Board

  • Advisor: Jason Banks
  • President: Tillie Drost
  • VP of Membership: Cody Traffanstedt
  • VP of Programming: Courtney Vanoy
  • Secretary: Andrew Ray

Binghamton University

Executive Board

  • President: Katherine Zwerger
  • VP of Membership: Victoria Uyo
  • VP of Programming: Joe Somma
  • Secretary: Sean Dekay
  • Treasurer: Mary Golden
  • On-Campus Publicity Chair:
    Katherine Spernyak
  • Publicity Chair of Social Media:
    Patrick Dilena

Iowa State University

Executive Board

  • President: Hannah Reba Chute
  • VP of Membership: Joe Talley
  • VP of Programming: Jenna Fenske
  • Secretary: Mica Moeller

Johns Hopkins University

Executive Board

  • President: Rocio D. Bermudez
  • VP of Membership: Theo Kranidas
  • VP of Programming: Emily Alway
  • Secretary: Juliana Veracka

Loyola University Maryland

  • Advisor: Donna Pitts
  • President: Colleen Kammerer
  • VP of Programing: Katie Kammerer
  • VP of Membership: Patrick Delaney
  • Secretary: Alba Sanchez Fabelo

Loyola University New Orleans

Advisor: Suzanne Ledet-Yuspeh PH.D

  • President: Paige Twitchell
  • VP of Programing: Dylan Mininger
  • VP of Membership: Daniel Garrison
  • Secretary: Brushra Ahmad

Michigan State University

Advisor: Graham Atkin PH.D

  • President: James Stathakios III
  • VP of Programing: Zachary Raad
  • VP of Membership: Johnny Stathakios
  • Secretary: Olga Caruso

Phillips Academy

Executive Board

  • Advisor: Elizabeth Meyer
  • President: Britney Bourassa
  • VP of Programming: Somya Mohindra
  • VP of Membership: Dea Barreto Lagesse
  • Secretary: Nick Isenhower

University of California, Los Angeles

Executive Board

  • Advisor: Pamela R. Cysner
  • President: Jacqueline Dang
  • VP of Programming: Vickky Lam
    and Oanh Duong
  • VP of Membership: Tiffany Dang
  • VP of Administration: Mary Dizon