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Dementia Diagnosis Roadmap

Receiving a dementia diagnosis is life changing – not just for the individual diagnosed, but for their family and caregivers as well. AFA’s “Dementia Diagnosis Roadmap” provides a multi-tiered “road map” for individuals diagnosed with a dementia-related illness and their caregivers, assuring them that they do not have to go on this journey alone. 

Support Resources:
AFA National Toll-Free Helpline

Available seven days a week by phone, text message and webchat and staffed entirely by licensed social workers specifically trained in dementia care, the AFA Helpline can provide support, answers, and connections to services.

Support Groups

Support groups give caregivers and others impacted by dementia a place to connect and share with one another. AFA offers free telephone-based support groups facilitated by a licensed social worker.

Caregiver Education:
Newly Diagnosed: Now What?

When dementia enters a family’s life, the first question that often comes to mind is “what do we do now?” Click below to learn where to start.

NPS: A Caregiver’s Guide

Nearly everyone living with dementia will eventually develop some form of neuropsychiatric symptoms (NPS). NPS are among the most challenging things a family will face while caring for a loved one with dementia. This guide provides information about these symptoms and steps caregivers can take to address them.

AFA Fireside Chat:

AFA’s Fireside Chat is a free educational and informational web series which raises awareness about dementia-related illnesses, associated symptoms, healthcare disparities, and resources available to help. The 2023 series includes five “Dementia Diagnosis Roadmap” episodes to help caregivers navigate the journey.

Educational Webinars:

Education is a tool of empowerment throughout the caregiving journey. AFA’s free educational webinars provide information on dementia-related issues, such as caregiving strategies, navigating difficult behaviors, and advance planning.

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