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Dementia Care Professionals of America

AFA recognizes that as number of individuals living with Alzheimer’s disease continues to grow, so too does the need for dementia-specific training of our nation’s healthcare professionals. Achieving a nationwide culture of dementia care that is high-quality, empathetic, and person-centered demands that, as professionals, we continuously pursue opportunities to learn and grow.

Dementia Care Professionals of America is a division of AFA created specifically to educate healthcare professionals of all levels on best practices in dementia care. Whether you’ve worked in dementia care for decades, are looking to make a career change, or are an emerging professional, DCPA training will help you to develop the expertise and skills needed to be the best dementia care partner you can be.

To date, AFA has trained more than 13,000 individuals in best practices in dementia care. To learn more about AFA’s professional training, click here.