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Care Connection Webinar: Dementia, Dental Care & Donkeys

Care Connection Webinar: Health Care Advocates & Geriatric Care Managers

Care Connection Webinar: Mindfulness & Self-Care

Special Edition Care Connection Webinar: Move With Balance®: Healthy Aging Activities for Brain & Body

Care Connection Webinar: Navigating Family Dynamics in Dementia Care

Care Connection Webinar: Preparing for the Future

Care Connection Webinar: Depression in Older People with Cognitive Impairment

Care Connection Webinar: Mindfulness Matters Every day

Care Connection Webinar: New Rules for End of Life Care

Webinar: Creating Dementia-Friendly Holidays & Celebrations

Care Connection Webinar: Guardianship & Conservatorship: Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Special Edition Care Connection Webinar: Protecting Your Health Care Identity & Exploring the Latest Health Care Scams

Care Connection Webinar: Reducing the Impact of Dementia in America

Care Connection Webinar: Exploring Dimensions of Spirituality & Dementia

Care Connection Webinar: Expanding Your Toolbox–Alternative Resources For End-of-Life Care

Special Edition Care Connection Webinar: Avoiding Elder Fraud Scams

Care Connection Webinar: Living With Dementia – Exploring Sexuality, the Last Taboo

Care Connection Webinar: Special Edition – Take Charge! Help Prevent Health Care Fraud and Abuse

Care Connection Webinar: Beyond Words – Strategies for Supporting Communication in Dementia

Care Connection Webinar: Preserving Oral Health in Alzheimer's


Care Connection Webinar: Things for New Yorkers To Know About Medicare 2021

Care Connection Webinar: Alzheimer's - Legal Issues Facing Families

Care Connection Webinar: Coping with COVID

Care Connection Webinar: Nursing Home Residents’ Rights in the Time of COVID - Visitation, Transfer & Discharge

Care Connection Webinar: Living with Alzheimer’s Disease - Coping with Loss Through the Use of Art Therapy

Care Connection Webinar: Medications and Your Memory

Care Connection Webinar: Estate Planning & Medicaid Updates - New Home Care Rules

Care Connection Webinar: Don't Put a Hold on Health - Medical Care That's Not COVID Related

Care Connection Webinar: An Introduction to Home Care

AFA’s Care Connection Webinar: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia in Older Adults

Caregiver Wellness: Empowering You to Prevent Burnout

AFA Is Here for You

Taking Action Assisting Victims of Financial Fraud

Understanding Vision Impairment and How to Help

Frontotemporal Degeneration_  A Complex Disease with Complex Care Needs

Gratitude Through Creativity

The 10 Things Anyone Involved in Caregiving Needs to Know about Long Term Care Insurance

Falls and Home Safety in Alzheimer’s disease

AFA's Special Edition: Caregivers in the Middle A Guide for Family Caregivers of Children and Elderly Family Members

Problems with Eating in Dementia

What Every Caregiver Needs to Know When Hospitalization Happens

AFA’s Special Edition Care Connection Webinar Making Advance Care Planning Easier

How Technology Can Enhance Caregiving

How to Navigate work while you're Immersed in Caregiving

Sexuality in Long-Term Care

Supportive Practices for Grieving Caregivers

Understanding Love

How to Have a Meaningful and Successful Visit with your Person in a Long Term Care Facility

Strategies to Reduce Peer-to-Peer Bullying and Other Antagonistic Behaviors Among Older Adults

Know Your Rights! Older People and the Americans with Disabilities Act

Hoarding Disorder in the Older Adult Population and Ways to Help

101 Clinical Trials

Prior Trauma, Aging and the Experience of Care Recipients

Guardianship 101

How to Talk About Elder Abuse

Bringing Oral Care to Dementia Care

Impact and Tips for Dementia Related Sleep Disturbance

How to be Radically Pro-Aging and Dementia Positive

When to Put the Brakes on Your Loved One's Driving

Recognizing Home Hazards and Possible Home Modifications for Safety

The Basics of Medicare

Keeping Love Alive as Memories Fade: A Valentine's Day Conversation with Dementia Care Partners

Spiritual Wellness Spiritually & Cooperative Caregiving

Supporting Well Being for Person with Dementia and their Care Partner

Identifying and Treating Depression for the Older Adult

Special Edition Care Connection Special Considerations for Individuals Living with PTS

Role of a Neuropsychologist in Dementia Care

Alzheimer's Up Close and Personal

Understanding the Benefits of Reverse Mortgages

Take Action: You Have the Power to Prevent a Fall

Misunderstanding Pain in Dementia Care

Making the Most of a Memory Concern Visit with a Specialist

Encore Presentation Planning and Preparing for Early Stage Alzheimer's Disease

An Overview of Medicare

When it's Time to Move to a Care Community—And What to do Next II

Understanding the Journey of Grief

Understanding Emergency Preparedness II

Review of Changes Associated with the Stages of Alzheimer's Disease

The Human Animal Bond

Fundamentals of Legal Planning

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