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Review of Changes Associated with the Stages of Alzheimer's Disease

Legal-Health Advocacy: Meeting the Challenges of Chronic Care Through a Holistic, Collaborative Approach

Planning and Preparing for Early Stage Alzheimer's Disease

The Human Animal Bond

Understanding AFA's Excellence in Care Program

Role of a Neuropsychologist in Dementia Care

Presented By: Rebecca Sophir a neuropsychologist specializing in assessing diagnoses and treats in Alzheimer's patients.

Guest: Joan Griffiths

Guest: Joan Griffiths Vega, MFA, Mindfulness Meditation New York Collaborative, New York, NY.
Topic: "Ways to Manage Life Stressors as a Care Partner"

An Overview of Medicare

Presented by: Eric Hausman - An Independent consultant specializing in Medicare Education and Training.

Fundamentals of Legal Planning

Presented by: Robert M. Freedman - Schiff Hardin LLP

Living Each Moment Hand in Hand

Presented by: AFA and Inspired Memory Care

Guest: Mary Ellen Nessmith

Guest: Mary Ellen Nessmith, Work-Life Specialist at Emory Caregiver Support Program, Emory University, Atlanta, GA.
Topic:Information on Resources that Will Help Care Partners in the Workplace

Guest: Jacquelynn N

Guest: Jacquelynn N. Copeland, Ph.D., neuropsychologist at Banner Health, Phoenix, AZ
Topic: “Understanding Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI)”

Guest: Robin P. Bonifas

Guest: Robin P. Bonifas, PhD, MSW, LICSW, John A. Hartford Faculty Scholar in Geriatric Social Work; Assistant Professor at the School of Social Work College of Public Programs at Arizona State University. Phoenix, AZ.
Topic: "Late-Life Bullying 101: What there is to Know"

Guest: Pamela Barton

Guest: Pamela Barton, M.D., Doctor House Calls in New York City. NY, NY
Topic: "Tips for Getting the Most out of a Doctor’s Visit"

Guest: Jana Panarites

Guest: Jana Panarites, M.A. Author and Host of AGEWYZ Podcast
Topic: "The Benefit of Telling Your Story to Create Change"

Guest: Deborah Selsavage

Guest: Deborah Selsavage, President and CEO of Coping with Dementia, LLC., Inverness, FL.
Topic: "How to be the Best Advocate your Loved One in Long-Term Care"

Guest: Andrea Shaw

Guest: Andrea Shaw, LCSW, In-Home Psychotherapy for Older Adults, New York, NY
Topic: "Recognizing and Treating Depression for Yourself and Loved-One"

Guest: Judith Schwarz

Guest: Judith Schwarz, Ph.D., Clinical Coordinator, End of Life Choices New York. NY
Topic: "The 101 of Advance Care Planning"