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AFA’s Educational Webinars give you the tools you need to care for those impacted by Alzheimer’s and dementia.

Creating a Dementia-Friendly Home with The Apartment (Part 1)

This presentation will guide caregivers through the process of adapting and modifying a loved one’s living space as their illness progresses. Using AFA’s Apartment as a model, we detail modifications in each room, through each stage (early, middle, and late), that will provide safety, comfort, and ease.

Creating a Dementia-Friendly Home with The Apartment (Part 2)

This presentation will facilitate meaningful living for individuals with dementia and their care partners. Using AFA’s Apartment as a model, we will demonstrate how simple technology within the right atmosphere can combine to create a dementia-friendly home that is safe, healthy, and creates happiness.

Dementia Friendly Celebrations

For many, the holiday season is a joyful one spent together with loved ones—including families affected by dementia. Being adaptable and building an inclusive environment are key to creating dementia-friendly holidays and celebrations. Learn how to create dementia-friendly celebrations that take a strengths-based, person-centered approach which will help your family savor the moments together with lots of inclusive activity ideas for everyone!

How to Organize and Hold a Family Care Meeting

Jennifer Reeder, LCSW provides an overview of family care meetings, including their importance for people living with Alzheimer’s what they can achieve, and how everyone can work as a family to ensure all goals are met.

Alzheimer’s Disease- Signs, Symptoms, and Steps to Reduce Your Risk

Jennifer Reeder, LCSW defines and describes the signs and symptoms of dementia, explores potential causes and risk factor of Alzheimer’s disease, and reviews steps you can take to improve your overall health.