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23rd of January 2023

Stuart Rabinowitz, Esq.

Stuart Rabinowitz, Esq. is Senior Counsel to Meltzer, Lippe, Goldstein & Breitstone, LLP and focuses his practice on state and federal litigation, appellate litigation, constitutional law, civil rights law, voting […]

13th of May 2021

Nathan Halegua

Nathan Halegua has been involved with AFA since 2018 and joined the AFA Board of Directors in 2021. Mr. Halegua and his family are passionate champions of the fight against […]

10th of May 2021

Lee J. Brodsky

Lee J. Brodsky joined AFA’s Board of Directors in 2021 and is the Chief Executive Officer of BEB Capital, a privately held, multifaceted real estate company. Since its formation in […]

12th of June 2017

Steve Israel

Former Congressman Steve Israel joined the AFA Board of Directors in 2017, following sixteen years as a Member of Congress, from 2001-2017. During his tenure, he was instrumental in securing […]

18th of April 2017

Gerald Angowitz, Esq.

Gerald (Jerry) Angowitz, secretary of AFA’s Board of Directors, brings to AFA many years of experience counseling companies on executive matters, general business management and human resources. Currently, he serves […]

Barry E. Berg, CPA

Barry E. Berg, CPA, has served the Alzheimer’s Foundation of America (AFA) since its inception in 2002. As a founding AFA board member and treasurer of the AFA Board of […]

Luisa Echevarria

Luisa Echevarria joined the Alzheimer’s Foundation of America’s Board of Directors in 2012, inspired by her memories of her mother and grandmother, both of whom lived with Alzheimer’s disease. Luisa […]

Edward D. Miller

Edward D. Miller joined AFA’s Board of Directors in 2016 and currently serves as its Vice Chairman. Mr. Miller is chairman of the board of American Express Centurion Bank and […]

Arthur Laitman, Esq.

Arthur S. Laitman, Esq. has been a member of AFA’s Board of Directors since 2018. He is a partner with the law firm of Rosenberg, Fortuna & Laitman, LLP in […]