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Honor AFA’s Social Workers with a Gift During Social Work Month: Help Break Barriers

Throughout Linda’s 30-year career as a social worker, she’s seen how community support can positively impact people’s lives. As a member of AFA’s social work team, she makes a difference in people’s live on a daily basis. Whenever someone calls the Helpline, she knows it’s the most important thing happening in their life, and treats them accordingly.

Linda also facilitates support groups for caregivers and individuals impacted by dementia, and writes helpful articles in AFA’s Alzheimer’s TODAY magazine.

“I got to build relationships with people and help them as they journey with a loved one being diagnosed with a dementia-related illness, navigated the challenges of caregiving, moved their loved one into a care setting, or mourned their loved one’s passing.” – Linda Mockler, Senior Social Worker at AFA

By donating to AFA during Social Work Month this March, you can help us deliver even more services to help people across the country affected by Alzheimer’s disease and other dementia-related illnesses.