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As Mary Catherine begins her freshman year at Auburn University, a familiar photo in her dorm will remind her of home. The photo is of her grandmother, who has dementia. Her grandmother hasn’t been able to recognize any family members in two years, but that doesn’t stop Mary Catherine from remembering all the love they’ve shared. Education was a priority for Mary Catherine’s grandmother, who worked two jobs to put Mary Catherine’s mother through college, and also instilled the value of education in Mary Catherine.

“I plan to graduate with a degree in Public Relations which I can use to spread awareness about Alzheimer’s. Here on campus, I am working to get other students involved in serving those impacted by Alzheimer’s. The education afforded to me thanks to AFA will help me achieve my dreams and goals.”

– Mary Catherine, Auburn University

Mary Catherine was awarded a scholarship from AFA after writing an essay about her grandmother’s story. She shared how Alzheimer’s and dementia had impacted her life so far, and how she planned to support those with Alzheimer’s and dementia in the future.

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Mary Catherine is one of thousands of students who have received life-changing scholarships from AFA. This is only possible through generous donations from supporters like you. Thanks to our donors, thousands of students are equipped to share their story about Alzheimer’s, break the stigma, and raise funds and awareness at their universities. Some, like Mary Catherine, may even go on to make a difference in the fight for a cure in their career.

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