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Family Dynamics in Dementia Care

LIVE, Interactive Webinar This LIVE Interactive Webinar workshop will review the different types of relationships that may be present in the life of an individual living with dementia. A review of family dynamics and exploration of how to identify and assess these dynamics will be reviewed. Additionally, we will explore different ways the professional care […]

Understanding the Path of Those Who Wander

LIVE Interactive Webinar Participants in this professional training will build knowledge on Alzheimer’s disease and explore symptoms that can lead a person to go out in search of something outside of their current setting.  Participants will have the opportunity to explore what it may be like to walk in the shoes of someone who is […]

Micro-Level Cultural Consideration in Dementia Care: A Culturally Determined Phenomena and the Effects on Family Caregiving – A LIVE, INTERACTIVE Webinar

LIVE Interactive Webinar Available population data may underestimate the risk and prevalence of dementia among many cultures in the United States. Lack of assessment for need has influenced a lack of cultural support in dementia care. This LIVE interactive workshop aims to broaden participants’ understanding of how dementia is viewed by specific populations (Black Americans, […]

Macro Level Cultural Consideration in Dementia Care: A Population-Based Approach

Social and Cultural Competence Course LIVE Interactive Webinar In American society, our most vulnerable populations are at a greater risk for morbidity and mortality. This phenomenon is the same for dementia. This LIVE Interactive workshop aims to look at the following three modifiable health factors 1) social determinants of health 2) barriers to care and […]

Understanding Behaviors as Forms of Communication– A LIVE, INTERACTIVE Webinar Training

General Course LIVE Interactive Webinar This LIVE interactive Webinar workshop will aim to highlight the importance of understanding the impact dementia and related illness has on a person's ability to communicate. As a result, care partners and care professionals may need to shift their communication approach and gain insight into the variety of ways individuals […]

Supporting the LGBTQIA+ Community in Dementia Care – A LIVE, INTERACTIVE Webinar Training

Social and Cultural Competence Course LIVE Interactive Webinar In American society, LGBTQIA+ individuals have been marginalized and discriminated against, thus increasing the vulnerability and susceptibility of morbidity and mortality. In this LIVE interactive workshop, we will learn about the important intersection between dementia and the LGBTQIA community. In this general course, we aim to learn […]

Emotional Memories, PTSD, Dementia: An Exploration of Brain Health and Trauma

Location: The Watermark at Brooklyn Heights, 21 Clark Street, Brooklyn, NY 11201 3 free CE credits available for Licensed Social Workers (excluding New Jersey) & Certified Case Managers.  Veterans Day is time to remember that those who have experienced war know well the cost of their dedication. Because of the lack of support and understanding […]