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Become a Memory Screener

AFA’s National Memory Screening Program provides free memory screenings to individuals nationwide. We invite qualified professionals across the country to become a memory screener with AFA so that they can screen individuals in their communities!

Who can become a memory screener?

Professionals eligible to apply include:

• Certified health educators
• Health and human services professionals
• Individuals holding a Masters of Public Health (MPH)
• Medical school students
• Nurses
• Occupational Therapists
• Physicians
• Physician Assistants
• Pharmacists
• Social workers
• Speech-Language Pathologists

There is no fee to become a screener. Screeners receive free training provided by AFA, and a certificate of completion at the conclusion of the training. Compensation is paid for the screener’s time at each screening event (hourly).

If you’re interested in becoming an AFA memory screener, please fill out the form below:

Become a Memory Screener