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Fundraising Ideas

Fundraising is one way you or your company can become an important link in AFA’s care chain. In addition to participating in an event sponsored by AFA, or an event undertaken by a community fundraiser, you can also use your own creativity or the creativity of your colleagues and organize your own or corporate event. We welcome your initiative and commitment to our cause!

Start a Fundraiser for AFA
It all starts with a fundraising idea: do you or your colleagues like to run or bake, or do you want to create an event that's totally out of the box? Do you want the fundraiser to pay tribute to a loved one, mark a milestone or simply support the cause in general? Once you've come up with your event, follow the steps below to create your own fundraising page, rally your friends, family, colleagues and community behind you to raise money for AFA--and have fun. You won't be able to beat the do-good feeling!

Create a fundraising page.
Our Web-based system makes it easy for you or your company to announce your event and to have people sponsor you online. Plus, you'll be able to track success toward your fundraising goal!

Making your own fundraising page takes just a few minutes:

  • Register for an online fundraiser account if you don't have one already.

  • Create your fundraising Web page by adding:  a title for your fundraising event, a message that provides a snapshot of what the event is about, a fundraising goal, and a photo, if desired. (This information can be updated at any time.)

  • Once you submit this information, start spreading the word. E-mail your fundraising Web page address to potential donors--friends, family, colleagues and people in your community. Post the event on your Facebook page or via other social media. At your company, find out about posting the event on the intranet site or in the cafeteria. Supplement these efforts with more traditional marketing, such as phone calls and flyers.

  • Track donations. Our bank directly receives all funds donated via your personal fundraising Web page, so you don't have to worry about collecting cash! Also, AFA will send out a thank you note, reflecting the donor's participation in your specific community fundraising event. Watch as these donations add up, by monitoring the movement of the bar toward your fundraising goal.

Click here to make your own fundraising page.

In order to help you reach your fundraising goals, AFA is here to assist you along the way. Here are some tips:

Know the facts about Alzheimer’s disease.

Educating yourself about Alzheimer’s disease shows how committed you are to the cause. Visit for more information about Alzheimer’s disease and AFA’s various services and events. If people choose not to contribute when you first approach them, but you are able to educate them about AFA and our mission, then you’ve played a valuable part in raising awareness.

Don’t be afraid to ask.

Coming up with ideas for fundraising can be hard, but actually going out and asking for donations can be even harder. Remember, you’re not asking people to donate money to you, but to a foundation that is dedicated to helping millions of people affected by this disease. You are being generous in serving as a care advocate, so don’t take it personally if someone declines your fundraising request. The more people you ask, the more money you can raise and the more people AFA can help. Ask people to donate directly via your fundraising page.

Show your gratitude.

It’s important to thank those who contribute. Making them feel appreciated may increase their desire to contribute to your fundraising efforts in the future. A sample thank you letter is available from AFA; however, feel free to make your thanks as personal as you wish.

Organize fundraising activities.

Organizing a fundraising event in your area is a great way to make a contribution to AFA. We’ve gathered a list of potential fundraising ideas to help you get started. Remember, you are in no way bound by this list, so feel free to use your imagination to come up with more fundraising ideas.

Prepare: What type of event would work best in your community, school, company or organization? What time of the year do you plan to hold this event? What demographic do you want to target with your event?

Plan Ahead: Break down your event into smaller tasks. It’s easier to achieve a task when it’s taken one step at a time. Keep a calendar of deadlines for tasks and a list of people who want to help with the event.

Corporate Sponsorship: Identify a few businesses in your area. Contact them about your event and offer to add the company logo to flyers, programs or press releases about the event in return for a contribution to the cause

Media Coverage: Contact your local newspaper about including information about your event in its next issue. Most community newspapers require calendar submissions like this several weeks in advance of an event.

Activity Ideas:

  • Alma Maters – Contact your alumni newsletter to place a note asking for donations to AFA.

  • Celebrations – Ask friends to donate to AFA instead of giving you a gift for your birthday, wedding, holiday or special event.

  • Auctions/Raffle – Hold an auction or raffle with items, such as free trips, dinners or gift certificates, donated from local businesses.

  • Athletic Events – As the weather gets warmer, people embrace opportunities to go outside. Organize a road race in your community. Or set an athletic goal for yourself, such as completing a local triathlon or biking a certain distance, and ask friends and family for their support.

  • Coordinate Events – Contact your local senior center or senior housing facility to hold an event to benefit AFA and be on hand to help out.

  • Letter Writing/Email Campaign – Before your event, look through your list of friends, family and colleagues and send them a personal letter about your involvement with AFA and information about Alzheimer’s disease. You never know who may have a personal connection with the disease and may want to follow your lead and get involved. A sample letter can be found here.

Additional ideas for teenagers:

  • Ask your principal if you can sell refreshments at school concerts, plays or sporting events, with proceeds going to AFA.

  • Hold a talent show at your school, and collect admission for AFA.

  • Organize a car wash with your sports team, club or group of friends, and donate the proceeds to AFA.

  • Become involved in AFA’s teen branch, AFA Teens.
  • If you or your company generously decide to host a fundraising event with proceeds to AFA, please let us know what you have in mind. Please be sure to let participants and donors know that proceeds will benefit AFA, and please make checks payable to the Alzheimer’s Foundation of America. Please note: AFA’s logo may not be used on any materials or in any other way without express approval of AFA. Also, please update us about your fundraising efforts so we can share fundraising ideas with others.

    Please contact AFA at 866-232-8484 or email us.

    Alzheimer's Foundation of America  866.232.8484