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Thank you for your purchase of the Virtual Dementia Tour™ Kit (VDT™ Kit). We hope that it will prove to be an incredibly powerful training tool for ALL staff, families and anyone who provides care to people suffering from Alzheimer’s disease or Dementia. We sincerely hope you will see the benefits of improved understanding and caregiving.

The VDT™ Kit you have purchased contains the intellectual property of Second Wind Dreams ® (“SWD”). Feel free to use it over and over again for your own use. The VCT™ Kit may not be reproduced, with the exception of the forms, which may be reproduced for participant use. Impaired goggles and confusion tapes may be reproduced; replacements may be purchased from Second Wind Dreams® and P.K. Beville as author and creator.

VDT™ study results are in front of your manual. The original study was printed in The American Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease. These results have also been widely published throughout the U.S. and Canada. In an attempt to insure good outcomes from the VDT™, we look forward to following up with you. We also conduct periodic Internet searches and professional contact searches on the use of the VDT™ for quality assurance.

If you plan to or do receive payment for using the VDT™ Kit, please notify Second Wind Dreams®. A percentage arrangement must be made through Second Wind Dreams® to license you to charge for its use. We will also provide materials and information so that others can order the VDT™ Kit directly from us or our website. If you consider writing a grant for the usage of the VDT™ Kit, please contact us.

The VDT™ Kit is not only used as a training tool, but the proceeds from its sale help us continue research and make dreams come true for our elders. We believe the VDT™ Kit has the ability to change the face of care for those suffering from cognitive decline. We hope you accept this challenge with us so that we can all hope for a better tomorrow in the care and treatment of those elders in most need.

“I have read and understand the above terms and conditions for purchase of and use of the Virtual Dementia Tour™ Kit, and agree to abide them. I also understand that violation of the above terms and conditions may result in legal action taken by Second Wind Dreams® for copyright and trademark infringement or violations, including a request to return the purchased manual to Second Wind Dreams® and losing the right to use the product for any reason.”

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